Apple Junction

Apple Cider available year-round!

Apple JunctionThe Procedure

Apple Junction offers custom pressing in summer and fall. When your apples ripen, call us to make arrangements to have them pressed. You bring your apples, we press them while you wait.


You can bring your own pails or bottles or purchase ours. We have 4L & 2L bottles.

Apple JunctionYield

To give you an idea of how much cider you'll take home, figure 15 lbs. of apples to 1 gallon of cider. (One 5 gallon pail of apples = 2 gallons of cider.)
To give you an idea of what it will taste like, try your apples. A tart apple will give a tart tangy cider. A sweet apple gives you a sweet cider. Try mixing varieties for different flavours.

Apple JunctionYour Apples

Keep an eye on your apples. It is best to press them when they are ripe but not over rip. The juice content is considerably less when the apple is over ripe. In the heat of summer, it is best to pick your apples only a day or two before pressing. They don't have as long a life off the tree. Very important - bring only apples picked from the tree. Anything lying on the ground or that drops as you are picking should be discarded due to bacteria contamination.

Apple JunctionStoring Cider

To store your cider long-term you should freeze it or process it in a canner. The shelf-life of a sweet cider in the refrigerator is about ten days. Crabapples with a lower sugar content shorten this time.


We generally press one day a week so call ahead to find out when that will be. We then book appointments. The number to call for this is: 204-355-9288.


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